How to Protect Yourself from Wage Theft in Florida

Wage theft is when your boss has not fully paid you for your labor or provided you with proper breaks and work benefits. And if you want to know how to protect yourself from wage theft in Florida, the first step is knowing your wage and hour rights under state and [...]

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Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits If You Quit in Florida?

Exploring whether quitting a job in Florida allows you to collect unemployment benefits, this article dives into eligibility criteria, legal nuances, and how Brenton Legal, PA, can assist in securing the financial aid deserved. Key Takeaways Eligibility Criteria: Must meet specific requirements including being able to work, lawful residency, minimum earnings, [...]

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Are Non-Solicitation Agreements Valid in Florida?

Non-Solicitation agreements are contractual clauses companies sometimes require their employees to sign to protect business interests and foster a competitive business environment. When this happens in Florida, employees often want to know, Are non-solicitation agreements valid? Generally, when it comes to a non-solicitation clause, valid agreements are based on an employer’s [...]

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What Are My Rights as a Pregnant Employee in Florida?

Navigating employment rights during pregnancy is crucial for a fair and safe workplace in Florida. This guide outlines essential protections under state and federal laws. Key Takeways Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA) ensures equal treatment for pregnant employees. Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy or related conditions. Family [...]

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Can I Still Sue after Accepting a Severance Package?

Losing a job is tough, but understanding your rights after accepting a severance package is crucial. Can you still challenge your termination? Let's explore. Key Takeaways Accepting a severance package may limit your ability to sue, depending on the release of claims clause. Exceptions exist where the severance agreement is invalid [...]

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Is Sexual Harassment a Crime in Florida?

In Florida, the line between unlawful behavior and a punishable crime can blur when it comes to sexual harassment. Understand when legal intervention is warranted. Key Takeaways Sexual harassment can constitute a crime in Florida under certain circumstances. Criminal penalties may apply for non-consensual touching, verbal threats, or cyberstalking. Victims have [...]

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How to Win a Gender Discrimination Case in Florida

Your sex, your gender, your sexual orientation—none of these characteristics should keep you from finding a job or receiving the respect you deserve at work. While employers are prohibited from engaging in sex-based or gender-based discrimination against their employees, many still violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws. With the help of [...]

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What Is Considered Workplace Sexual Harassment in Florida?

Sexual harassment still plagues workplaces across this country to an unsettling degree. In 2021, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received more than 10,000 sex-based harassment complaints.  If you believe that you have recently suffered from the effects of sexual harassment at your job, let’s talk about what is considered [...]

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