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Whistleblower Protection Employees who report or refuse to engage in illegal actions of their employers are legally protected.
Workplace Discrimination Discrimination is one of the most serious breaches of employment laws and it can take many forms.
Workplace Harrassment Intimating or threatening conduct based on your protected class (such as gender or race) is legally prohibited.
Race/Color Discrimination Employees are entitled by law to be treated the same as other employees regardless of their race or color.
Pregnancy Discrimination Federal and state discrimination laws protect employees based on pregnancy, childbirth, and any related medical conditions that result from pregnancy.
Family Medical Leave Act The Family Medical Leave Act requires covered employers to provide employees with leave for specific medical and family reasons.
National Origin Discrimination An employee’s national origin is a protected status under federal and state laws.
Sex/Gender Discrimination It is illegal for any employer to discriminate based on an employee’s sex, gender, or sexual orientation.
Disability Discrimination An employer cannot discriminate against an employee with a perceived or disclosed disability.
Overtime / Unpaid Wages An employee’s right to be paid wages (at a minimum rate) by an employer is protected.
Age Discrimination Federal and state laws protect employees over the age of 40 from age discrimination.

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