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Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits If You Quit in Florida?

Unemployment benefits (also called reemployment assistance) in Florida are for more than just workers who are laid off from their jobs. Can you collect unemployment insurance benefits if you quit in Florida? Yes, you can, but you must fulfill several eligibility requirements and have a strong argument in your favor before [...]

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Are Non-Solicitation Agreements Valid in Florida?

Non-Solicitation agreements are contractual clauses companies sometimes require their employees to sign to protect business interests and foster a competitive business environment. When this happens in Florida, employees often want to know, Are non-solicitation agreements valid? Generally, when it comes to a non-solicitation clause, valid agreements are based on an employer’s [...]

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Can I Still Sue after Accepting a Severance Package?

Many employees receive a severance package when they are terminated from their position. Severance packages can soften the blow of losing a job and provide much-needed financial support when transitioning into a new role. You may be left wondering, Can I sue if I signed a severance agreement? This article may [...]

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7 Frequent Workplace Legal Issues

Nobody wants a legal battle with an employer but sometimes it is the only way to receive justice for an unfair employment situation. A surprising number of employers in Florida fail to understand the local employment laws and don’t live up to their obligations towards employees. These rules exist to maintain a safe and fair environment for everyone and they change frequently as employment law evolves. Disregarding them can lead to legal disputes over common workplace issues that could be avoided. Understanding the most frequent types of legal issues can help employers avoid problems and employees understand what their legal rights are.

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