Workplace Harassment

Is Sexual Harassment a Crime in Florida?

Sexual harassment is disturbing, unlawful, and subject to civil penalties and remedies. But is sexual harassment ever a crime in Florida? Yes, sometimes it is.  There are several harassing behaviors that are worthy of criminal prosecution. And our team of experienced sexual harassment attorneys at Brenton Legal PA can help you [...]

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What Is Considered Workplace Sexual Harassment in Florida?

Sexual harassment still plagues workplaces across this country to an unsettling degree. In 2021, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received more than 10,000 sex-based harassment complaints.  If you believe that you have recently suffered from the effects of sexual harassment at your job, let’s talk about what is considered [...]

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How to Deal with Racism in the Workplace

Racism in the workplace can take many forms, but for the purpose of this article, racism in the workplace refers to behavior in which an individual is subjected to negative treatment because of their race. Individuals may experience racism at work when they are treated poorly or accused of poor performance due to assumptions about what people of their race can or cannot do.

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Signs of Workplace Retaliation

Annie was happy at her job as an administrative assistant – she constantly received outstanding performance reviews and was well-liked and respected by her co-workers. That is until a new supervisor said "old folks like Annie" couldn’t possibly learn a new software program. The supervisor turned down her request to be trained, and a younger, less-experienced employee received a choice assignment that required using the program.

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Understanding Bullying in the Workplace

If you are being bullied at work, it is important to understand the nature of workplace bullying and what you can do about it. Stories of workplace bullying and harassment may seem distant until it happens to you, a loved one, or a friend. While many of us remember the “schoolyard bully,” the same damaging behavior goes on every day in workplaces across the country.

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