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We spend a lot of time at work. It’s no surprise that workplace issues—when left unaddressed—tend to affect not only your performance at work, but can also impact your physical and emotional wellbeing and interfere with your personal relationships and home life.

Illegal discrimination and harassment can lead to damaged careers, loss of earnings, untold stress on families and loved ones, and serious health problems. Employees unable to take leave to care for a loved one, or to recover from their own serious medical condition, are under a great deal of stress. Employees who have blown the whistle on a company’s illegal activities are under tremendous pressure and often face retaliation for speaking up.

You have rights. Federal and state employment laws are designed to afford you the protection you need. As an employment law firm in Florida, the employment attorney’s at Brenton Legal can help you navigate the legal system to get a better deal at work. My commitment:

  • Experienced legal assistance for Florida-based employees
  • Straight talk – I will let you know if you have a legitimate claim
  • No upfront fees – paid entirely on a contingency basis

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Family Medical Leave Act Palm Beach Florida

Family Medical
Leave Act

Get the assistance you need if you have been denied job-protected leave by an employer to look after a family member. More here.

Overtime & Unpaid Wages Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Overtime/Unpaid Wages

If you have been denied overtime or wages are unpaid, I can help you claim what is rightfully yours. More here.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination by an employer or coworker is a serious employment offense. Get help with making a claim. More here.

Age Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Age Discrimination

If you have been treated unfairly by an employer or recruiter because of age, I will help you take the legal steps necessary. More here.

Disability Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Disability Discrimination

If you have been discriminated against because of a disability, the law protects you. Get help with making your claim. More here.

National Origin Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

National Origin Discrimination

We may be able to prepare a strong discrimination case if you have been treated unfairly by an employer because of where you come from. More here.

Pregnancy Discrimination

You do not have to tolerate unfair treatment by an employer because of pregnancy. I will outline the options available to you. More here.

Race Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Race/Color Discrimination

Make a complaint or a claim if you have been discriminated against by an employer or recruiter because of race or color. More here.

Sex and Gender Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Sex/Gender Discrimination

If an employer or coworker discriminates against you based on gender, you have legal steps available with my guidance. More here.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Whistleblower Protection

If you feel harassed or threatened because you highlighted illegal activity of an employer, I will help you get protection. More here.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyer Palm Beach Florida

Workplace Harassment

Harassment in the workplace is a serious employment misdemeanor. Together we can stop it and seek compensation for you. More here.


Impressed, does his homework, objective and passionate. This guy does not sugar coat the facts he will tell you straight up what’s going on and in today’s world that’s important. If you have a legal issue this guy will stand by you and fight for you. Very impressed.

Eddie B. (Florida)

Ryan represented us in a high-profile religious discrimination lawsuit. His work product and professionalism are exceptional.

Marc D.

I had a great experience with Ryan. Awesome lawyer but also very caring and genuine. Communicates very well. I know where to go if I ever have an issue and will absolutely be recommending this firm to whoever I can.

Stephanie B.

When it comes to family, everyone would agree you do not just walk into any law office. You do your research. You talk to people. You make sure you are going to receive representation that you can wholeheartedly trust, at a reasonable value, and that will place you or your family member in a better position. Brenton Legal is that law firm – bar none. I trust this firm to help guide my family and that should tell you everything you need to know if you read reviews.

Andrew S.

About Ryan Brenton

I believe that the practice of law should be a profession before it is a business. I believe in standing up for fairness in the workplace and helping to defend the rights of ordinary people not getting a fair deal at work.

“Florida’s employment laws are designed to protect you. If you’re having problems at work, I may be able to help.”

Employment Attorney Ryan Brenton

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